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We Up-Skill Health & Wellness Professionals in the Aesthetics Industry

About Us

Health Academy is a team of doctors, chemists, and business experts who share a belief in a holistic approach to health and wellness from the inside out.  We've come together to formulate the future, where health and wellness professionals connect through community, mentorship, education and products.  Through this connection, health professionals improve their practice and create better outcomes for their patients.

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Health Academy is the place for:

COMMUNITY: Grow and share alongside other aesthetic professionals who want to advance their skills, learn the latest and greatest innovations, techniques, and trends through a holistic approach to skin health, and uplift one another through the day to day operational challenges, while celebrating the triumphs and milestones.

MENTORSHIP: Connect and match up with a team of industry experts to guide you step by step to achieving your professional goals, both technical knowledge and skills, and business operations.

EDUCATION: Stay up to date, learn and discuss the latest news, trends and advancements in skin health to guide your clients and patients to achieving their skin goals. The academy is also a place to discuss and learn about a wide array of wellness topics for your own personal development and a holistic approach to skin health from the inside out. Topics include technical training and business building, and expand into areas such as sleep, nutrition, fitness, gut health and many more.

BUSINESS BUILDING: Fill your appointment book, increase your profits, and keep those 5 star reviews coming in with hands-on, practical and easy to execute strategies from industry veterans and subject matter experts across marketing, finance, sales, human resources and entrepreneurship.

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We are creating the most exceptional community of Health and Wellness professionals possible.  If you feel like you cannot afford our subscription, please email [email protected].

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